4 Ago

Hi, this is rae_isha posting on behalf of dabogirl.

Today, my lovely pucci has taken some pics and shared them with her co-workers (and with yours truly, of course). Yours truly has decided that the worlds deserves to know.

So, without further ado, I give you…

Dear All,
        I thought I might be sharing some pics I’ve shot today… please, follow the link below.


these were taken in our office fridge (yes, the one that is in the meeting room cleverly disguised as a kitchen).

unfortunately, I was not able to capture the smell and sharing with you (when will they invent a camera that captures smell?).

I found many interesting things today.

  • a couple of yogurts expired more than 2 months ago, trying to become concrete (talking about flexibility!)
  • a carrot juice which decided to become ascetic and therefore separating in different layers (plus, it added some mould to the bottle neck, just for decoration sake)
  • a thing that might have been cheese long time ago, but now looks and smells like a decaying corpse
  • some bread that, longing to become a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, developed nice mould moles
  • some cheese that started its own mould colony (Dr. Fleming would be proud of our fridge)
  • various ice creams that, in spite of the fact that they were laying on a huge iceberg, gave up with life and melted
  • some ice cubes that were stuck in the above mentioned iceberg
  • some butter that is evidently longing to expire

I got rid only of the visibly expired / covered in mould ones (I hope I’m not ruining anyone’s penicillin cure!), I left the melting black cherry cornettos, and of course I was not able to free the ice cubes from the iceberg (which, by the way, is trying to come out from the freezer like The Blob and eat us all).

Please, check what might belong to you in there.

I believe that the presence of so much rotten and smelly food could be leading someone (ahem) to believe having a kitchen for us to use is not a good idea, after all…

so please, everyone (including myself), keep your food belongings under control, otherwise I’m afraid they will all become alive and invade our office and take our place as proud employees of ACME Inc.

I rely on your conscience,




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