damned unconscious!!

15 Nov

I had a dream tonight… a wonderful and dreadful dream, at the same time.
Me and rae_isha were having holidays together in a luxurious holiday spot… we were queueing somewhere… and here HE was… he, Orlando, in all his scionchia annd bunnyful graciousness… he came forward, wearing a light blue baggy t-shirt and stone washed blue jeans… he meets a friend of his, a lady, who cheerfully says we (i. e. me and rae_isha are huge fans of his.. we don’t even have to go “squeee” because he is very nice and chatty with us… and then he wants to thank us for supporting him… and he

french-kisses rae_isha!!

rae_isha, not me!!
A long, sweet, cuddly, awfully hot kiss!
You know, that kind of kiss where he grabs your face and chin with his hands bringing you close to his mouth…

And after that, rae_isha wipes her mouth with his shirt, and he walks away!

Obviously, later in the dream, I was quite pissed off with Pucci/Rae_Isha

Now, unconscious, listen carefully: I’m having a dreadful time this days. I’m stressed beyond my own beliefs.
I need to have a decent time at least in my dreams.

So… where is my Orlando’s kiss? UH?
*taps foot*

I demand to have a hot steaming scene with Viggo, Orlando, Karl and Sean kissing each other (feel free to add any other smutt particular) and then kissing me, tonite.
Or you’re fired.



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