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…overkill, anyone?

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this is waaaaay to much, even for a slasher as I am

questo è troppo, anche per una slasher come me

foam and candles! A Must See!

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More battles.

A definitely tiresome routine for our outstanding heroes, isn’t it?

Well, me and rae_isha thought they deserved a break from it all.

We arranged a lovely spot for Aragorn and Legolas.

As Aragorn was constantly complaining other members of the Company called him names as ‘filthy hair’ and ‘dreadful armpits’ his looks did not exactly match is royal status, we booked a special treatment in a luxurious Elvish spa, chosing the most expensive option there was, called “candles and cotton candy bath foam” (a very imaginative title, don’t you think?).

Our two stars shown great appreciation for it all, and eventually engaged in some… a-rhump… private activities.

big bath moments under the cut!

le foto, le foto

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Domani voglio fare le foto per il concorso fotografico le cui premiazioni si svolgeranno Avalon Dream Festival.
Aragorn e Legolas nei boschi… mano nella mano…
Legolas che punta una freccia ai gattini…